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Magnetic labels

Insignia Labels are a leading supplier of a range of magnetic labels which are produced using a variety of print based materials and a special magnetic base material which we combine to provide customers with a specialised and versatile label that is used in every type of storage facility.
These magnetic labels are ideal for use in freezer storage facilities because the magnetic label does not use adhesive which in many cases can freeze at temperatures below 0°C causing the label to fall off the racking. The unique material used to create magnetic labels is flexible and can be applied to any ferrous metal such as:

• Carbon Steel
• Alloy Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Tool Steel
• HSLA Steel
• Steels for strength
• Iron-based super-alloys

However the labels will not fix to no-ferrous metals such as:

• Aluminium
• Beryllium
• Copper
• Magnesium
• Nickelv • Refractory Metals
• Titanium
• Zirconium

So if you operate a warehouse or freezer store or otherwise have a requirement for magnetic labels, we specialise in providing high quality, cost effective magnetic labels in small to large sized runs. Our magnetic labels are a highly visible and cost effective way to maximise the efficiency of your warehouse or freezer and can be personalised to suit your individual requirements.

Specialists in Magnetic Labels

These magnetic labels are durable and designed for the challenging industrial environments of a warehouse or freezer store and are generally personalised to suit the racking layout of each individual facility.
However, we also supply a range of blank magnetic labels that are supplied with a dry wipe coating and are popular with people who frequently change and identify locations using a particular product name or serial number.
These blank labels are available from stock in the following sizes:
• 0.6mm x 25mm x 80mm
• 0.5mm x 40mm x 100mm
• 0.6mm x 80mm x 150mm
What ever type of magnetic labels in any size, shape or colour you are looking for; Insignia Labels have the answer, so please give us a call.

Supplier of Magnetic Labels

Insignia Labels strive to offer flexible supply options for your magnetic labels, using the latest manufacturing processes. Our printing presses are ideally suited for the manufacture of small to large sized runs of custom printed magnetic labels which are supplied individually which enables us serve this market to a high standard. With our extensive experience of producing and printing magnetic labels Insignia Labels can provide a solution for all your magnetic labelling requirements.

Additional Information on Magnetic Labels

If you would like further information on magnetic labels ,then please contact us now for free magnetic label samples or a free quotation.

Customer Feedback

I am a graphic designer and have been using Insignia for my printing needs. I am extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and customer service they provide. They always manage to provide me with exceptional printing and never fail to meet my sometimes extremely tight deadlines. Insignia are my choice for printing and I highly recommend them to my colleagues."

Stacey Holdcroft / Graphic Designer

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Environmental policy

Insignia Label Solutions Ltd accepts responsibility
for the harmful effects its operations have on
both the local and global environment and is
committed to reducing them.

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